My Studio

My Studio

Up until the last year or so I never had my own “Studio” space completely designated just for art. Although its not the most glamorous (as my studio is in my garage) it gets the job done and is a large space with everything I need to get create and that I am thankful for. In one corner of my studio I have a wood working area where I make all of my panels for my collages and my installation pieces. This work bench includes anything from handed down saws and tools to brand new sanders and homemade jigs.

In the center of my space is another large work bench that didn’t take very long to break in as it is not covered in paint and is the colorful centerpiece of the room. This table is used for everything from painting to packaging work! The opposite wall is lined with cabinets where I store all of my paint, glue, smaller tools, etc.

Several other areas of the space have several baskets and smaller bins full of colorful piles of scrap papers and paintings.

Below are photos of my studio, including my furry assistant, Luna.

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