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I consider myself a Mixed Media Sculpture artist because I love to experiment and work with many mediums outside of what most people know me as using. I use clay, metals, resins, woods, fire, and even collage with paints and charcoals.

Because of this, I designed my studio to work more as a “workshop” instead of a space for showing and looking nice. There are constantly tools and projects across all the tabletops. I thought I would take this moment to show my space and talk about how I got there.

My studio has a nice open plan where there is enough space for 3 adjustable tables, a slab roller, 3 pottery wheels, shelves along almost all 4 sides, all with enough room to roam around. My dog, Oreo, pictured above, also hangs out with me during the days while I work. Having enough “space” was my largest obstacle when looking for studios. Because I work with so many tools and supplies, it was slowly taking over when I worked from home.

I decided to look into getting studio spaces to create some separation within my life. When I worked out of a home studio, I would often get distracted and either start cleaning the house when I should have been creating, or vise versa. Then, always being at home slowly drove me into continuous artist blocks!

Having a space that I could come and go as I pleased, no matter the time of day was important, and this space gave me just that! Also, having other artists in the studios around me, constantly gave me inspiration to create!

My kilns were something that became one of my biggest concerns. “Lil Blue” and “Big Purp” are their names, and they play a big role in what I do as an Artist. My studio allowed for proper hookup and venting of them, as well as the right amount of space to keep things safe.

I am very grateful to have a space like this to work in, as I know this is something out of reach for most Artists.

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