My First Radio Interview

Good news. My first radio interview is coming up. The fine folks from Tuesday 8 O’Clock Buzz at WORT 89.9  in Madison, Wisconsin want to entertain the morning rush hour crowd with a talk about my work and a quick reading from Broken Fevers. Dr. Damita Brown will do the honors. 

Radio is one of my favorite mediums and Madison is the home of WisCon, the world’s biggest feminist science fiction conference (if you ever want to see what’s next, how even temporary communities can care for one another, and the various strategies of inclusivity, WisCon is the place). Not to mention this is community radio and per the station, WORT-FM is an independent, noncommercial listener-sponsored and volunteer powered community radio station … founded in 1975. Many boxes checked. So I’m very much looking forward to it.

Book promotion is an odd and ever-evolving creature. I’m fortunate that I enjoy readings and engaging conversation so I try to be as engaging as I can be. Social media can be a challenge because actual conversation is by no means guaranteed. Not to mention by virtue of its nature it can be a cacophony of people putting themselves out there in the hopes that someone picks up what they’re putting down. Nonetheless, it has its merits as we can probably agree.

But this is media media, and I’m up for it. 

You can listen live Tuesday, the 24th (9am ET) by hitting the button here. There should also be a recording available on the station’s Audio Archives down the line.


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