More work on the rough-in of the “Not #MeToo” painting

More work on the rough-in of the “Not #MeToo” painting

You’re still paying attention to how I’m painting my large piece? Excellent!

Thanks for once again seeing the progress of the work Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch. It takes some patience to do a piece of this magnitude and I appreciate you checking in.

Florida artist Kevin Grass paints a ballerina in his Not #MeToo painting.

I am working on Alexandra’s face here. Notice I’m once again wearing my favorite painting shoes: my Spongebob Squarepants slippers!

From the angle in the above photograph, the Harvey Weinstein shoulder visible on the right side of the canvas looks distorted. I will address this later on.

Harvey Weinstein's left hand in Kevin Grass's painting.

I had a good session roughing-in Harvey Weinstein’s left hand.

I am making some adjustments to Alexandra’s upper torso, since the photographs I took of her distort things too much!

One of the things that is clear is that my training in artistic anatomy is helpful. Particularly with the figure of Alexandra, I found that the photographs I took tended to distort some of her anatomy too much and I had to make manual adjustments. If I had not intensely studied the human figure from life and from artistic anatomy books, I might have slavishly copied my photos. In the end, however, it would have looked “wrong” if I had stuck to that. This is where long experience pays off, since a younger artist might not have been able to catch some of these subtleties.

Florida artist Kevin Grass is working on one of the ballerina figures in his Not #MeToo painting.

Sitting on the floor to paint the tutu is proving to be quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the canvas is tacked directly onto the wall, so moving it in my 10-foot by 10-foot studio is not practical.

I am happy with the first layer of paint for the figure of Alexandra. Painting her tutu was the most difficult aspect of this piece so far.

Check by again soon for updates on how the painting is going! Thanks for stopping by,


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