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I enjoy lavish pieces that explore the whole spectrum of human emotions.  I also enjoy music that explores different textures and combinations of instruments.  I like music that combines vocal with instruments.  So, this is why I decided to write for chorus and orchestra.  I was inspired by composers who wrote sacred music of all genres and time periods.

The medium in which I was writing demanded respect for ancient liturgical traditions.  However, there was also great freedom in that every composer sees something different, even though the words are the same.

One of the pieces I wrote was a requiem.  I dedicated it to a friend who died in a car accident.  It uses both scripture and poetry.

I am currently working on a dramatic interpretation of Christ’s passion.  In this piece, I am exploring dramatic roles.  I alternate between choir and soloists.  I will report more as I continue to make progress.

It is a wonderful challenge to be able to write these traditional works in a new way, and I hope listeners will see something new in them.

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