Mentorship with Jimmy from Wax & Hive

Mentorship with Jimmy from Wax & Hive

I wanted to make a quick blog post concerning my mentorship. With the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant, one of the perks is you get a mentor to help you advance your goals. To be honest, going into it I had no idea what I wanted in a mentor and what we would do. I just went into it with an open mind and heart. So great thanks for Creative Pinellas for pairing me with Jimmy Breen from Wax & Hive (and thanks Jimmy for accepting the pairing!)

Wax & Hive Creative Agency in St Pete, FL. Image © Wax & Hive

Jimmy is both an artist and designer. He started Wax & Hive, a full service creative agency, with his design partner Anthony Freese right here in sunny St. Pete. Wax & Hive merges illustration with design work in a fresh contemporary way, and somehow also references a vintage feel which I obviously appreciate. I would definitely check them out if you have a project you need done! Here are some projects he worked on that I love:

Mural by Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese for Shine Mural Fest 2019. Image © Wax & Hive.
Wax & Hive created the logo for No Vacancy, which was then turned into this rad neon sign!
Wax & Hive made this design for Mazzaro’s. I had no idea this was their design, but I have a shirt with this on it and it’s one of my faves!

Jimmy and I have met twice so far to discuss my art, my business, and what we can do for a project that will culminate in the final show. I am super excited to announce that we will be working on getting some video of me working on my collages to show the world how I make what I make. I plan to mostly make time lapses with voice over, starting a collage from scratch, painting, and finishing the piece. I think it will be a good project for a few reasons:

  1. From the questions I get, it’s evident people don’t really understand how I make my work from looking at it or even if I explain it. I think having the visual will really assist people in understanding how I make my work, and all the different things that go into it (FYI many people think I work digitally, or that I collage with full color images, neither of which is true.
  2. I will be able to use the videos for a variety of applications- on a tv at my studio in Studios@5663, for my website, and for advertising, to name a few
  3. I will have some documentation of my work that I’ve never had before. I think this will be interesting for me to see exactly what I’m doing and maybe will help me improve my work!

We also have a few other ideas about what the pieces I create the show will turn into, but I’m going to share that at a later date once I figure it out a little more. So stay tuned 🙂

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