Memorialized on Brick

This is a first for me!

Mural Artist Terry Klaaren received a grant to create a mural celebrating women artists and musicians which ended up being a memorial for his wonderful wife who passed suddenly on the first day of this year. See prior blog:

Terry decided to include me in the mural, which will be completed by the end of summer. I am honored to be in the presence of the other wonderful female dancers, artists and musicians.

If you have the opportunity to check the mural out, you can find it on the South side of “The Dance Project” building on 12th St. about four blocks North of the main Channelside parking garage. The mural is accented with pieces of mirror and glass which provide an ephemeral feel when passing car lights cause reflections at night.

Do you know a Woman Artist, Dancer, Filmmaker or Musician? Send them your love!








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