Meeting my mentor…


Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet my mentor, Caitlin Albritton that came at my home studio for our first meeting. I really didn’t know what to expect and had prepared a few questions in case she would ask me what I needed. But she is far more advanced in the mentoring than what I could ever imagine. My basics questions stayed in my pocket and instead, she invited me to deep dive within myself – my inspirations, what I am looking in my paintings and more importantly as an Artist…

I can feel her wonderful baggage from years in one of the best art academy of the East coast, SCAD. I am very happy and honored to have been paired with her!

The things she told me and the questions she asked are every day in my mind and I still don’t know what changes they will incite in my art and in myself.

How much time it will take me to have all these answers? I am at the same time very excited and also afraid with the thought of prepairing for the exhibit in May – having all those questions in my mind.

What is sure is that I am very grateful to her because our meeting inspired me and it will definetely help me be a better artist. I hope will be able to show some of that process in exhibit…


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