May 25. . . Madness and


May 25. . . Madness and

This week I’m rewriting Madness as a story, which is giving me new ideas about the family history of the woman who’s a gardener, that her parents were performers in the carnival, so she’s known several other characters all her life. Which changes plenty in the story.

Talking the story of Madness over with choreographer Paula Kramer, she tells me plays and dance pieces should always have gifts for the audience, beautiful surprises. Which gets me thinking about special visual moments for each character, to space out throughout the script.

And I hear an irresistible funk tune, and realize each character needs to have a big dance breakdown, built around their story.

This week I find out our actor pals Lisa Powers Tricomi and Bonnie Again know actor Beth Dimon in Miami, in the cast of Duck. They knew Duck was in City Theatre’s Summer Shorts before I even said it.


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