Mask Appeal

April 21, 2020 | By Steph Hargrove

Mask Appeal

As promised last week, I temporarily turned my art studio into a sewing space to crank out face masks. To be honest I prefer making art. Like, a lot. However, given that I earned a living with a sewing machine for ten years, lots of people reached out and asked for face masks. Okay. Because I love you guys, masks are now available at

New additions to my workspace include the ironing board, a paint-free cutting mat, oh and the ginormous piles of fabric everywhere. The other big motivator to dive into this new mask adventure was the potential to give back. I really wanted to support a group here in Pinellas county purchasing meals from our local restaurants (who really need our help right now) which are then delivered to our local healthcare workers and first responders. I’m happy to report that I’ve already exceeded my donation goal to!

I’ve still got plenty of fabric in my stash, so there are more masks and more donations to come. Oh, and since I’m an artist, I have some majorly cool fabric on hand. Of course the mask everyone wants is the boring plain black one. Apparently you all want to look like ninjas. That’s cool. Imma be over here in my funky geometric print looking freaking amazing.


The other big happening last week was our online conversation with the Creative Pinellas emerging artist grantees. I’ve been dying to meet my fellow grantees in person, but meeting them online will have to do. I’m now even more excited for our in person gallery show, whenever that may be. A huge thank you to everyone at Creative Pinellas for making this grant period as fabulous as possible given the circumstances. You are all doing an outstanding job!

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