Mark Feinman

Arts In: Mark Feinman

Mark Feinman is the drummer for the eclectic jazz trio, La Lucha – and an inventive composer.

Mark tells La Lucha’s origin story of how he and pianist John O’Leary and bassist Alejandro Arenas began their long-term collaboration. And he shares his own journey in jazz, with stops at St Pete’s Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School and the University of South Florida’s cutting-edge School of Music.

He talks with Barbara St. Clair about constantly listening and creating music, and even shares a sneak peek at a future song, recorded on his phone during a dog walk.

Find out more about La Lucha’s music and performance schedule at

You can read about Mark Feinman’s work during his tenure as a Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Fellow at

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