“Maieutique” & Mentorship


Every time I meet my mentor, my brain just goes nuts during a couple of weeks…

She is making me reflect on everything! I really realize how important it is to be asking yourself fundamental questions. So I go pretty intense in this introspective process. It sometimes makes me feel a little lost but also more aware of myself!

I realize that my process is mainly instinctive – I let the colors, the scenes, the people flow out from my brush on the canvas without really trying to understand where it comes from… but I understand that self-awareness can only help me be even more effective in conveying what I intend to. She takes hours of her time asking me questions, listening… she makes me challenge myself. Socrates would call it “maieutique” – I had never thought it could apply for Art…


I can’t wait to share my drawing book and ideas with my mentor next week.

To be continued…


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