Installation Plans

As I head into March, I’m on track to present a large and most importantly complete seashell installation at Creative Pinellas in May. Although some aspects of the piece are being kept secret so as not to ruin the big reveal, I’ve decided to share with you the numbers and ridiculous planning going on behind the scenes. Get ready for a big sneak peek into my sketchbook.

I’ll start with this overhead diagram of the finished piece:

And just for fun I’ll throw in the panel detail:

You’ve got it all figured out now, right?
LOL yeah I didn’t think this would ruin anything.

Maybe some additional information will help you out. There are 2,511 painted seashells being hung, which comes out to 110 pounds of shell suspended from the ceiling on 3,000 feet of line. Here’s a shot of my hang diagram:

Still have no idea what the heck I’m up to? Good. Because it’s gonna be a surprise and it’s gonna be freaking amazing and I’m so excited to get this installation built so I can share it with all of you!

I’ll leave you with a bonus pic of the shell bins. Keep in mind every individual shell had to be found, collected, washed, dried, painted, glazed, stamped, and counted to get to the bin. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve actually completed this process almost 2,511 times. The bins should be full sometime next week, and then it’s on to line assembly. 🙂


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