Love, Unity and Enlightenment

Love, Unity and Enlightenment

In June, 2018, I joined a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called RaceWithoutIsm, Inc as the Official Spokesperson. RaceWithoutIsm (RWI) was formed to address social ills, specifically racism with ancillary focus on diversity and inclusion. The mission and concept of RWI fit snugly with my desire to promote love, unity and enlightenment through my craft; a perfect fit for my platform!

Love is essential in this world. It is illusive and often times emotionally challenging. Yet when we truly care for others, whether we fall ‘in love’ or love in a platonic sense, love is one of the greatest joys we as human beings can ever experience. Love transcends biases. Love has no color. Love builds character. Love feeds humanity. I like to make sure to distinguish ‘love’ from ‘like.’ As we live and grow, it is highly likely that we will encounter people we come to love; however, we may not necessarily like them due to their consistently demonstrated behaviors that are in conflict with our morals, values, and beliefs. Like is judgmental, love is not.

Unity requires collaboration with others who may not look like us but are like-minded across a variety of topics. I focus on promoting unity among all mankind, regardless of religion, color, race, gender identification or any superficial characteristic. Unity is not devoid of or impossible simply because of differing opinions. There is nothing wrong with having disagreements because different points of view, when presented with civility, can actually help us to grow our perspective on a specific issue and we could actually learn something new. The application of unity makes villages thrive and prosper. With unity across a wide range of people who are committed to doing the right thing, all the time and for all, can bring great change for the better in our world where chaos and noise often dominate and disrupt our social order.

Enlightenment, as I use it, is about learning: learning about other cultures, lifestyles, and religions. When we open our hearts and minds to explore the experiences of others who are not in our primary social circle, we learn to understand their perspectives on a cornucopia of topics. I believe there is a huge opportunity for people to show more love and unity if we would simply take time to talk to each other, openly, respectfully and honestly to become enlightened which allows us to live and let live without the interference of unfounded biases.

Love, Unity and Enlightenment: The core ingredients to a more peaceful world.


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