Life is strange.

Life is strange.

There are events that have happened during my career that seem to be WOW moments. Like when I sold my first piece, getting into a magnet program for the arts, getting into art college. These are some of those milestones that made me sit back and think, WOW I might be getting better at this whole art career. Well I happened had one of those moments over the weekend.

A few months back I had a piece purchased, for the direct intent of being put up for auction to raise money for a good cause. To be honest I had forgotten about it until I opened my email the other day. I received an email from someone who purchased the piece, and was asking if it was mine, and if I could tell her a little bit more about the piece. So, we began a conversation with a little bit more about the piece. She then responded the next day about how much she enjoyed it and how everybody likes it when they walk into her house It just brightens their whole attitude and the atmosphere of the home. If you had told me a couple years ago that I would get an email from someone in California who purchased my work, I would’ve said, “No.” But it did happen and it’s a WOW.

These are the moments that push you to develop your career and to become even better. It is a moment of validation; it says that you are on the right path. You should always be mindful of those things that happen for the first time to be appreciative that you have that WOW moment.


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