Last Chance!

This Saturday (July 13, 2019) is the last day to check out the exhibition “Knuckle Sandwich” at Leslie Curran Gallery | St. Petersburg FL. The exhibition features works by Denis Gaston and I. So if you haven’t check it out make sure to visit the exhibition!

Here’s a brief description about the show courtesy of Leslie Curran Gallery:

“DENIS GASTON’s grit-and-grind artwork is chock-full of colorful characters playing a part in elusive narrative threads that are personal to the painter while subjective to the viewer’s interpretation. GABRIEL RAMOS’ evocative wire sculptures are inspired by his vibrant childhood memories of Puerto Rico’s energetic culture, with each piece being a fantasyland of rough-and-tumble lines frozen in time and enriched by explorations of the radiant details contained therein.”

For more information check out Leslie Curran Gallery

Untitled entertainment, 2019 Galvanized steel wire. Dimensions: Approx. 18″ x 36″ x 12″


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