Kali Kali Dance Company Takes New York City

July 25-August 3rd


This by far was one of my greatest achievements as an Artistic Director. I have been apart of the Kali Kali Dance Company since its start in 2009. This year we were finally able to take some of our company members to the big apple. This was not an easy task at all but through it all we managed to make it happen. We were able to take the dancers on tours of some of the largest dance studios in history such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The kids loved Time Square and had so much fun traveling down the street seeing all the sky scrapers. We were able to take them to Coney Island, Lincoln Park Music Festival, and all around Harlem. It’s truly a blessing to be able to expose children to the larger pictures in life. It’s so important to show them that if they continue to follow their passions them to could have a future of performing in New York City. I am so thankful to have played a part in this experience with the kids. They truly got the New York experiences.


While there I was also able to shoot with a new photographer. This was my first time working with him on a project I created for myself. The theme and thesis of this shoot was centered around self love. I wanted to do a vulnerable shoot that allowed me to be free and also to accept all of me. I wanted to embrace my flaws and harbor in my beauty. I wanted to embrace the unique marks on my body and channel my inner giving spirit. This was one of the most successful photoshoots I’ve had in awhile. I was very happy with the outcome.



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