Interdisciplinary Arts Project

Blog#1 April 28, 2020
Paula Kramer

A pre-pandemic exploratory project workshop took place at The Studio@620 on March 7. It included: Playwright, Sheila Cowley; Director Jim Rayfield; Dancers, Helen Hansen French, Jessica Obiedzinski and Fernando Chonquoi: Actors Lisa Tricomi, Vickie Daignault and Kate Young; Visual Artists Carrie Jadus, Tony Palms and Ana Maria Vasquez and Composer and Musician, Tom Sivak.

Based on Sheila’s play titled, Three Actors, Three Dancers, Three Visual Artists and One Piano Player – or, 3-3-3-1 – this work asks the artists and audiences to discover new and important ways to connect, artistically and personally. It takes us on an adventure through an art gallery whereby visitors interact with the art and the artists.

It was amazing how quickly everyone warmed to the task even though many had not met before. Sparks flew! I expect that many new ideas will fire up as we continue to meet digitally and hopefully soon in person.

We plan to present a completed work at The Studio@620 this fall during an ArtWalk. It will also be suitable for casual on site showings as well with workshops and open rehearsals available to the public.

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