Thoughts on Being Good Enough

April 29, 2020 | By Gianna Pergamo

Thoughts on Being Good Enough

Artist Gianna Pergamo has some thoughts about Perfectionism and being “Good Enough”

I was thinking today about perfectionism and being “good enough.” I think it’s interesting how I, myself, and others deem things to be good enough or what they criticize themselves for. I know a lot of artists, mostly new artists, wonder if their art is “good enough” and for that reason worry about putting it out.

Will people like it? Is it good? I guess I don’t care anymore. I did 10 years ago, maybe even 5 years ago. For some reason that thought went away. Why? I think it’s because I’ve learned I can make something, and some people will like it and some people will hate it. Some people love pieces that I hate. Some people are bored by my favorite pieces. If you like a piece I hate… great. I will sell it to you! Now I don’t have to look at it! Ha!

I honestly don’t like this bat girl very much, but I’ve sold several prints of it. I’m going to try a bat again in the future… I want one with a cuter face!

My friend Tara Jacobson (of Marketing Artfully, Artsy Fartsy Life, and a few other cool websites) wrote an email about this (being good enough) which is why I’m thinking about this. She said one of the reasons people wonder if their art is good enough is because it doesn’t measure up to the vision they had in their head to start with. I thought this was interesting. Maybe another reason I don’t worry if my art is good enough is because. I don’t start with an idea of how I want it to look in my head… I just experiment!

To be honest, though, I am a perfectionist in many many ways. The biggest thing is just productivity- a lot of my self esteem is tied up in, have I been productive today? Mostly in my two businesses, Pergamo Paper Goods and Toad Hill Farm– did I do enough? Other things that make me feel productive are working in my garden and organizing things. Whether the organizing is useful or not, doesn’t seem to matter! It makes me feel good anyway.

My newest obsession… my garden! This is my dream garden plan. The pond is a stretch goal. The patio, shed, mango tree, oak tree, and hammock are already there.

I am trying to be mindful of not being too critical of myself, but it’s a constant battle that I know many of us face. And if you’re worried you’re not good enough at xyz… do it anyway!!

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