Inspiration comes in different forms and from various places. I applied to be a part of the Metaphysical Enlightenment Fest in Sarasota, Florida. I signed up to do the healing. I was going to do Reiki with my singing bowls, but the universe had different plans for me.

7 am came early, but the ride over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was so beautiful that the time was of no importance. I was in an incredible mood by the time I got there, but that changed quickly.

The room was too small for all their stuff and mine, and I was unhappy. I only had enough room for my table and a small table. (Why does this upset you? Did this mean that you couldn’t do Reiki and the trip felt wasted? Did you feel disregarded because you were not kept in mind in the physical planning?)

(Restate how you are feeling the weight of these feelings, the disappointment, sadness, and lack of appreciation, all felt an incredible weight, but this type of moment is when the universe starts working her magic.

(Why did you make this decision? What woke you up out of the disappointment…if that’s what you were feeling?) I decided to make the best of it, and I introduced myself to the people who were gathering. During our conversations, I discovered what they did and how they arrived at this moment/practice. They decided to leave their nursing jobs to start their own business. Resonance Holistic wellness is the place where they did their healing. Some of the requirements they used for healing were Electromagnet, different sounds, and assorted color lights. After sharing my gluten-free muffins, they decided to give me a treatment. I lay on the massage table, and they put these glasses and headphones on me. And I was out! I was seeing different lights and smelling other oils that they were spraying. Then, I had a vision. It was a cube with a house on the side of it. A voice from nowhere said, “You need to paint this.” The background color should be orange too. Here is the drawing.

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