Holding My Breath

Two more paintings that are now in Korea.

The crate of 25 paintings shipped to South Korea arrived safely and the gallery staff are now hanging the works at the Busan Art Fair. Opening May 13 through 15.

In my last blogpost I mentioned that I was shipping my work to a gallery that I'd never worked with before. They have received my work and are hanging as many works as possible "salon style" in their boot at the Busan Art Fair.
I am eager to see pictures of the installation and more than that, I can't wait to hear from them about the response by fair goers who encounter my work for the first. Here's hoping lots of the paintings sell!

Galactic Connection 2022

72″x60″ Oil, spray paint, pigment stick, china marker on canvas.

Galactic Connection is a reference to the interconnectedness of everything. Everything that exists is part of a wave function that appears as solid particle matter but in actuality everything including us are a manifestation of pure potentiality collapsing on one of infinite possible “realities”


The Speed Of Light 2o21

48″x60″ Oil, spray paint, pigment stick, china marker on canvas.

Speed Of Light is a reference to the concept of infinity. At the speed of light, time ceases to pass. In other words, light is infinite.
This suggests that the portal through which we come and go into and from this world is a portal into and from infinity. We are infinite consciousness that manifests as physical form temporarily to experience being. Two registration marks appear at the top of many of my paintings. These marks suggest a means of reproduction or replication and reference the continuum of life recurring. RNA/DNA

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