I Write to Feel Right

I Write to Feel Right

I’ve been an actor most of my life. It wasn’t until later in life that I started writing fiction and plays. Whether I’m on stage telling someone else’s story or at my desk writing my own, I’m happiest when I’m story-telling. Or rather, I feel most myself when I’m part of a made-up story.

Odd right?

Because that’s when I’m furthest from myself – living in, sometimes lost in the make believe worlds of my characters. Maybe it’s my escape. Or my coping mechanism. Or my attempt to heal and forgive and be at peace in a world that often makes me sad.

I don’t work as an actress much anymore. Partly, because someone has to grant me permission to act. In other words someone has to cast me. And life is short, I don’t have time to wait around to do what I love – tell stories.  But I can always write!

So I do. I write often. And when I haven’t written for a full 24 hours I start to get anxious, antsy, something doesn’t feel right. So I write fiction. I write to get my head straight. I write to make sense of the world – the real world. I write to drown out the noise.

I write to feel right.

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