How my work has evolved

How has your work evolved to what it is today?

This is one of the many questions artists get asked a lot. I recently was asked this question again and it made me think a little deeper and back track to see how over the years my artwork has evolved to what my current body of work looks like now. I went to college to study art and received my Bachelors of Fine arts in 2015. Throughout school I focused heavily on sculpture and installation artwork. My sculptural installations, no matter the material, usually consisted of several smaller parts arranged together to make a larger whole.  This was also starting to evolve in my “2-d” work as my paintings never felt complete to me unless I cut them up to then re-arrange with my hands and make a new composition. I began cutting my paintings into strips and weaving them together which was a more satisfying process for me (having a 3-d focused mind) vs. just paintbrush to paper. I needed to use my hands more! My sculpture was always very organic with fluid shapes and my “Woven Paintings” were very angular and sharp. I remember thinking to myself how can I bridge these two together to create a more cohesive body of work and still keep my style, originality and voice? I wanted people to be able to see my installations and see my paintings and know that it was me, to create a visual identity that could be seen in any medium of artwork I create..  I started to cut my paintings on paper into the organic shapes I would cut out of wood, metal, etc. in my sculptures and had my AHA! moment. I started to then collage my paintings and adhere them to panel working with the same intuitive mind set I work flow with when making my sculptural installations. I started my collage body of work a little over 2 years ago and continue to explore, grow, and evolve with it every day.

Below are photos of my newer work leading into my older pieces for context.





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