Building some MEGAMITES

What is a MEGAMITE?

In 2005 I began creating wearable sculptures that I called MEGAMITES. I had been given a grant by Scope Art Show to create sculptures all around Venice Italy to coincide with the opening week of the 51st Biennale. I stayed for one week in a small bed and breakfast just a short walk from the Grand Canal. It was a charming place with a lovely courtyard for relaxing. Each morning I would fill my backpack with bags of balloons and a sheet from my bed and head out to find some amazing location to create a sculpture in situ. Along the way I would have a cappuccino and enjoy the phenomenal beauty all around me. When I found a spot that seemed like an ideal place to create a colorful surprise for those who might happen along, I’d throw down my sheet and begin blowing up balloons and constructing some type of sculpture. I would attach the sculptures to some fixture or trees to be sure they would stay secure and visible for as long as possible and not to become trash. But each afternoon I would see my sculptures being worn and played with by local children. I tried putting the sculptures up higher and in harder to reach places but the kids we always able to reach them. So I decided I would make a wearable sculpture of my own. A playful sculpture with missiles that I could launch from within. I was determined to have a showdown with the kids that were taking over my installations. I called the sculpture a MEGAMITE because it resembled a large insect and at the time there was a bed bug epidemic all across New York City that was effecting many of my friends.  I thought it fitting to make a huge incarnation and go on the attack at the worlds most eminent art front. The performance that ensued was great fun and eventually led to countless more opportunities for creating wearable sculptures. The next iteration of these sculptures is part of an expansive exhibition commissioned by Brookfield Arts. Animal Soul happening this July 11-15 at Brookfield Place in New York City will consist of 5 MEGAMITES performed by some of the most talented dancers New York has to offer, in addition to the 3 new inflatable sculptures that will on the lower plaza of The Winter Garden. I couldn’t be more excited or thankful to Brookfield Arts. Here is a link to the video from the Biennale Boogie. (You may care to note, any and all of the broken balloons were carefully cleaned up and put safely in the bin as well as the coffee cup that was dropped for comedic effect.)  

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