Hi Pinellas Arts Community!!!

Hello Pinellas County Arts Community!

I am super EXCITED to get started with my weekly blogs where I hope that you all will follow me on this journey to presenting my production in September of this year! It’s definitely been a long time coming and I am ELATED about this opportunity. I will be posting videos or sharing links to my videos, photos, and writings so you all can chime in on this experience. 

Please watch my video blog! It was too long to post here and I am sure I’ll be long winded each time so I created a youtube channel to upload all the videos to. You’ll see the 2nd one I recorded because even the first one was way too long for youtube, but I felt I had a lot to get out! I’m a Mess!!!!

I’m looking forward to this process and I hope you all will chime in next Time!


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