Hair Loss, Messy Nightstand and Studio Spaces!

Today I would like to start analyzing my paintings from Camera Roll one by one.

“January 13th, 10:02am”


It has always been difficult to open up and share my difficulties and struggles with people, but I always found it easy to do so with art. This piece shows something I have been struggling for the last few months. I nearly lost over 2/3 of my hair due to stress and, probably, because of Covid.

I am aware that there are more serious health issues, and I’m thankful mine is resolving, but, as a woman, it is has been so scary to lose so much hair in such a short period of time.

Showering and brushing my hair became unbearable as chunks of hair would fall out all at once. I always had so much hair, and seeing it all fall out without knowing why has been terrible. I decided to represent this moment as a daily struggle. Showering and having to see all the hair falling, right next to a fallen shampoo bottle that says “regrowth”.

“February 2nd; 9:26pm”

My messy nightstand, with more books than what I can actually read, all the supplements so I remember to take them, a fuzzy sock I use to keep my hair nice while I sleep, a hair tie because why not, a shaker cup since it holds more water than a glass, and a random picture of a flower.

“February 7th, 6:20pm”

The studio is such an important place for an artist. In the last three years I had more studios than places I lived in. This has definitely impacted my artwork, in positive and negative ways. I got to be inspired by the different locations, but also spent a lot of time moving things and settling in.

I had comfortable spaces to create, and uncomfortable places to create. I had days in which the light was in my favor, and days in which there was no way I could make the lighting work. I had studios I could not wait to go to, and studios I could not stand being in. And that is okay.

I will always find a way to create art, and I am thankful for all the places that allowed me to create.

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