Free Exhibits for All Ages in Largo and St Pete

Visual Art by K-8 Students
Through March 31
Creative Pinellas Gallery
Details here

Embracing Our Differences
Through March 31
USF St Petersburg
Details here

Two free exhibits this month


– Youth Art Month shares the work of Pinellas County students in grades K-8 exploring the theme of Visual Movement. At the Creative Pinellas Gallery in Largo, in partnership with the Clearwater Arts Alliance.

– Embracing Our Differences brings inspirational visual art and words to downtown St. Pete’s USF campus, with an array of billboard-sized images.

Here are just a few of the works shared by artists of all ages from around the world.

Writing on the Wall by Rachel Koral, St. Petersburg FL. Words by Abigail Hetzer, 7th Grade, Sarasota Middle School, Sarasota FL, Teacher Colleen Joiner

You can find the visual artist’s words and voice here.

Take Shelter by Lido Class 7th and 9th Grade, The Haven, Sarasota FL, Teacher Ronda Pennington. “When you carry love in your heart, you can speak many languages.” Words by Nuris Fanning, Bradenton FL

You can find out more here.

Yearning to Breathe Free. “If we cherish freedom, why do we separate ourselves from others with barbed wire fences?” Words and visual art by Wayne Ramirez, Venice FL

You can find this artist’s words and voice here.

Fun Instead of War and Fear by Mouneb Taim, Amsterdam, Netherlands. “Please acknowledge what I CAN do. When you call me ‘disabled,’ you ‘dis’ my ABILITY.” Words by Kimberly Probus-Clark, Sarasota FL

You can find out more about this work here.

The Opposite of Guilt (“No Le Debes Nada a Nadie / You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything”) by Evelyn Kandin Geler, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ” I spent so much time being afraid to be myself that I almost forgot who I was.” Words by Stephanie Brewer, Richmond KY

You can find this visual artist’s words and voice here.

Embracing in the Art Museum by Jinghan Zhao, Beijing, China. “‘Please, join us’ is the easiest phrase to promote inclusion.” words by Debbie A Walker-Lass, Decatur GA

You can find this visual artist’s words and voice here.


You can find creative activities for kids
on Embracing Our Differences’
YouTube channel.



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