Artist Story – David McCauley

David McCauley is an interdisciplinary artist based in St Petersburg, FL. Since 2012, he has founded multiple 501c3 organizations such as The Rise Up Gallery, The Laundromat Art Space, and The Wynwood Tour Guide App. Each of these entities have been awarded numerous accolades for their programs which encompass art therapy workshops in the community, studio/exhibition space for artists, and a smartphone based walking tour of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami.

McCauley’s contemporary artwork incorporates figurative oil painting, graphic design, typography/language, and fabricated materials. As an artist living with paralysis, McCauley explores topics of inclusion, universal design, accessibility, and the physical state of the human body. His work is a prime example of using art to communicate powerful messages and advocate for change.

Through adaptive mark-making techniques, McCauley has found innovative ways to translate his creative vision onto the canvas, challenging traditional notions of howart is created. This not only highlights his own artistic ingenuity but also sheds light on the broader need for adaptable and barrier-free environments that allow individuals of all abilities to engage in creative activities.

The focus on inclusion and universal design in McCauley’s work underscores the importance of creating spaces, both physical and metaphorical, where everyone can participate and contribute. By addressing these themes, McCauley fosters conversations about the societal structures and attitudes that can either enable or hinder the participation of people with disabilities.

Additionally, his exploration of the physical state of the human body, especially from the perspective of someone living with paralysis, invites viewers to contemplate the complexities and beauty of the human experience. This can help challenge preconceived notions and promote a more empathetic and understanding society.

McCauley is represented by Lanoue Gallery in Boston and Woodfield Fine Art in St. Petersburg. His work is held internationally in private collections and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions with such institutions as Art Basel Miami Beach, UBS Planet Art, SCOPE Art Show, Williams-McCall Gallery (Miami Beach), Galerie Lano (Paris), Cheryl Hazan Gallery (NYC), Projective Space (NYC), and The Richmond Art Museum. David has participated in artist residencies at The Art Center South Florida/Oolite Arts (Miami Beach), the Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT), Santa Fe Art Institute (Santa Fe, NM), the Laundromat Art Space (Miami), Void Projects (Miami), and YO Space (Miami). He is also a two time recipient of the Creative Access Fellowship Award.

McCauley is also a Board Member and Ambassador for The Impossible Dream Project, a 501c3 nonprofit organization which creates innovative sailing experiences for members of the disabled community. Through partnerships with the nations’ leading rehabilitation centers, the sailing events reach 1500+ participants annually in more than 20 cities throughout the United States.

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