Forged With Love

Nestled high in the mountains of  Tuscany lies the small village of  Pomezzana, home of the family-run business, Milani Utensili. Visiting this idyllic place and meeting the lovely Milani family was a jewel of an experience this past spring during my trip to Tuscany to immerse myself in all things related to the art of stone carving. Imagine meeting the people who hand-made the tools I use daily to create my sculptures! I was thrilled and walked away with a deep admiration for a family that carries on the legacy of metalworking for over 50 years—still using time-honored practices to make stone, wood, and plaster sculptor and artisan tools.  They are unique to this industry that defines this region of Italy known as the center of marble and bronze art sourcing and production. I sensed the same devotion and dedication to their work as I do when I am making one of my sculptures- quality, craftsmanship, and love.   Here are some pictures of my factory tour:

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