Exploring new media: unstretched raw canvas


Something amazing about this grant and especially through my relationship with my mentor Caitlin is to really stretch and explore… We had great discussions about the importance I give to what I feel during the process of painting…

She is always pushing me to go further! Even when I thought I was already free from prejudgments and as to how we should paint.. I realized I still had some ” chains” without noticing!

There were many things that I liked but felt pressured to change because it wasn’t the right way…

She helped me think and triggered the “why not”?

As long as you are respecting the limits of the medium to prevent decay and protect your work… never stop exploring… For the grant I started using Newsprint paper to liberate myself of any kind of material pressure, then I tried to use the same freedom on canvas and then on a stronger paper to feel the differences…in the same vibes of exploration, she sent me some samples of Unstretched Raw Canvas for me to… enjoy! Indeed I loved it!! The way it absorbs the fluid acrylics and the dry brush marks you can leave with thicker paint…

She also sent me some oil pastels to try it on.  These are a delight to draw over the rough canvas… I love the marks they leave and the deep color!! yummy!

Now I bought more of the Raw canvas, Fluid Acrylics, and Heavy flow ones, and plan on having lots of fun and experimentation in the next months!! Thank you Creative Pinellas!!! 🙂

I am also very proud to share some drawings of my 2 year old little boy Luka. He always produces something new and bold! 🙂 Truly Inspiring how he does not feel any limit: pure freedom!



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