Experiments to make the coffee filters presentable

Experiments to make the coffee filters presentable

Along with drawing these patterns, I have been experimenting with ways to make them presentable. I want them to hang in the middle of gallery space, suspended from the ceiling. I don’t want to lose any translucency or drawn image. So I have been experimenting with different ways to make them stiff so that when they are hanging in the gallery, they look professional. 

Acrylic semi-gloss medium 

I tried painting them with acrylic gel medium. That experiment was a complete failure. 

Pour on Resin

I embedded 2 pieces of coffee filters in pour on resin. This was partially successful. I created a mold that I could pour the resin into. 


Spray Starch 

Spray starch was rather ineffective. 



I painted a coffee filter with Lacquer on front and back. The result of this was dependable and the lacquer gives a uniform finish. It still doesn’t make it stiff enough for it to be presentable.


Elmer’s glue and water

I diluted Elmer’s glue in water and brushed it on front and back of a coffee filter. This was effective as well, but it still doesn’t make the object look presentable.


Two layered pouring with Clear Cast Resin

I created a latex mold so that I could pour resin into that mold. I poured a layer of resin, placed a printed coffee filter on top of this layer and poured more resin while the first layer was still setting. The result of the pour was acceptable but the surface was uniform and the object did not look professional.

Pouring Clear Cast Resin in two parts and sandwiching a coffee filter between them

This was the most successful method as far as stiffness and end product are concerned. I used a 12″ diameter brushed steel pizza pan as a mold for two parts, I poured resin in two pans simultaneously and then sandwiched a coffee filter between them with Super Glue. I am still not satisfied with the result as the surface of the resin is still not perfect and the two parts make the object thicker than what I desire.  I am trying a different method with a different resin and I will post that in a future blog post.



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