Experience Live Model Casting

MUSE Awards 2022

One of my main reasons for starting these body castings was to help women (whether they are the models posing for the work, or a woman admiring the finished pieces) embrace and love their own bodies.

This past weekend, I was invited to do my first LIVE model casting during the St. Pete Arts Alliance MUSE Awards. This experience was new, nerve-racking, and exciting all at the same time.


During the event, my model posed in three different positions. The castings took about 30-45 minutes each, and in between, we had 30 minute breaks to allow her to stretch and relax. The castings seemed to be a hit for the partiers as it was something different than normal to experience.


I was very surprised when I was asked to participate in this event. To be able to create in such a supportive environment full of Art-loving individuals was an incredible honor. I was nervous at first that my live demonstration would be too controversial or that others would not respect what I was doing, but everyone seemed intrigued and asked about the work. I hope to be apart of many more in the future.

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