Emerging Artists + Professional Mentors

September 10, 2019 | By Tiffany Razzano

Emerging Artists and Professional Mentors
Reflect on 2019’s Partnerships

The Pinellas County artists selected as Emerging Artist Grantees by Creative Pinellas each year are awarded more than just grant funding. With the honor comes the opportunity to participate in the annual Emerging Artist Exhibit and a mentorship with an established professional artist.

“The mentorship is my favorite (part) and I’ve seen (it) consistently be the most dramatically transformative part of the grant program,” says Danny Olda, Creative Pinellas’ Digital Content Manager.

“The mentors help artists unlock problems they may have been attacking alone for a long time. They guide the Emerging Artists toward exploring what’s important to them, but perhaps in ways they never thought of. And maybe most importantly, they challenge the emerging artists to more fully explore their potential.

“When a mentorship is humming along, I feel like you can almost watch the artist as they break through into a new space in their career.”

The Arts Coast Journal reached out to this year’s Emerging Artists and Mentors to learn about their partnerships and their art.

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