Dance Performance Training

I wanted to take a moment and give recognition to the organization, Dance Performance Training, based in Tampa, FL. Discovering them recently, they are a husband and wife team – Dr. Scott Ruth (PT, DPT, NSCA-CPT) who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Nicole Padilla (NASM-CPT) who is a former dancer with the Sarasota Ballet. They offer strength training and conditioning for dancers, which is becoming more common among professional and pre-professional dancers. I wish this was something that was more available and encouraged when I was training and dancing full-time. I am, however taking advantage of the benefits now. As a semi-retired dancer and working choreographer, I have realized how much I need it more than ever.

I no longer have the time or access to take ballet class every day (or even every week) so I keep finding myself injured. My body is not as resilient as it used to be. Dance Performance Training offers one-on-one coaching and also online training programs. I have been working with Dr. Scott, and he has been extremely beneficial to me over the last few months. I am in week 5 of my first 12-week online program. Each program is geared towards dancers. My first program focuses on jumps and leg extensions. I am prone to hip and back pain which often stems from over-exertion in extensions and jumps. I definitely see results with this program. I am not concerned about how high my extension and jumps are at this point in my career, but I am definitely feeling stronger and executing with more ease and less pain.

Dr. Scott truly cares about his “artistic athletes” and has taken a lot of time observing ballet classes, researching techniques, and has built an in-depth understanding of dance mechanics and the demands they put on dancers. I have been impressed with the fact that even though the 12-week program is all done through an online app, he checks in often and is always very responsive. He sends daily videos and check-ins and he provides tons of information about smart movement training and keeping your body healthy. He educates dancers on proper warm-ups, activating stabilizing muscles, and improving blood circulation.

So, if you are reading this and are a dancer pursuing a career or are needing to supplement your dance with cross-training, I highly recommend Dance Performance Training. As long as I am still working in the dance studio, I plan to keep this training up.

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