Cleaning with Windex

What weird time! I hope everyone at Creative Pinellas and my fellow artist friends are doing ok! Thinking of you all and sending love.

I’m thankful to be a painter during these times. It’s keeping me calm and centered. I really enjoy painting dashes and dots, it’s meditative and the results are usually surprising and beautiful. I think I’m going to include some of these pieces in the show. I’m also working on a few painting commissions and house projects. There is certainly a lot to keep busy and with.

Also, if anyone is interested in signing up for my online painting class let me know! I am in the process of creating it now. It will be an affordable price, and if you can’t afford it, let me know and I’d be happy to work something out as its really important to offer an artistic outlet to others in times of crisis. Here’s a pic of me working with students in St. John USVI after hurricane Irma devastated the island. We came together through the arts.

What else am I doing to keep calm? First things that come to mind are:

Body Electric Yoga Company is super generous and offering live streaming classes online. The classes are free (they welcome donations). I am certainly keeping my membership to support their business.

Juicing fruits and veggies:
Today I drank orange, pineapple, celery, and fresh turmeric juice. Spicy and refreshing and full of vitamins. We gotta keep our immune systems strong. Eat healthy and try to get lots of rest. Try to avoid the easy frozen or canned meals that have lot of sodium.

Watering plants:
I recently moved in with my wonderful and amazing partner/person/love Megan 💕and we’re creating a tropical jungle oasis! Very inspiring for my art. Watering the plants is definitely therapeutic.

Well, I ran out of cleaning product earlier this week (thankfully now more is coming) and decided to clean with windex, haha. It has alcohol in it! My studio is clean and disinfected daily, even if its with windex. I wonder if gin or vodka works for cleaning? 🙂

Oregano oil:
Secret weapon. I’ve been taking it everyday now for the past 10 days twice a day.

Other things are riding my bike, walking my dogs, watching “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” on Netflix and FaceTiming my immediate family in Maine.

Stay stay safe and in good spirits!!

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