Classical music isn’t all big and loud

Classical music isn’t all big and loud



Movie music is the “in-thing” for orchestras, and rightly so!

It’s awesome, emotional stuff with pictures already given to us that tell a story of emotions.

No wonder we love it so much!

It’s loud, it’s big, it’s luscious, it’s powerful, and we don’t have to use our imagination.

(It also earns those orchestras a lot of money – still not enough to pay for the event itself, but more than a masterworks concert.)

But not all live music needs to be so attention-grabbing.

Music, as the language of emotions, can be shared intimately, in a small environment.

Whether it be one person or a small group of persons, classical music can be effective at any size in any venue…

If we let it.

And we did just that tonight.

The Dunedin Music Society hosted a Chamber Music Showcase – a wonderful event in which performers who wanted to make peoples’ lives better by sharing the emotions they want to convey, did so through live music. Not as part of a big, powerful, usually loud group, but intimately, between friends.

It was like having dinner in someone’s home as opposed to meeting them at a restaurant.

Lovely stuff.

Well done, all! So proud of you. I enjoyed sharing the moment with you and continue to encourage you, and others, to keep performing just like that.

Stephen P Brown is a Conductor of orchestra, choirs, concert bands and musicals, as well as a composer. He is the General Director of the Dunedin Music Society, Head Spark Plug of the Concert University, and a Professional Artist Grantee of Creative Pinellas. You can find his concert schedule here, a sample of his compositions here, and listen to his podcast Classic Jabber here.

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