Celebrating Art, Artists and Art Lovers

Celebrating Art, Artists and Art Lovers


Tonight is the culmination and celebration of the last 5 months as a grant recipient of Creative Pinellas. It has been an incredible journey! And I can’t say enough thank you’s to this wonderful organization for all the support, resources and kindness they have shared. My gratitude is beyond measure to Barbara St. Clair and her talented, caring team.

In addition to the funds awarded to produce my piece called “The Graces”, they offered resources on multiple levels to guide myself and the other grantees on ways to nurture a growing career as an artist. From classes to panel discussions to providing a highly experienced artist mentor, their goal was to help build our confidence and reach as a professional artist residing here in Pinellas county.  And I believe this has been achieved for me.

Creative Pinellas represents all the art lovers of our area because their intention is to see art and artists thrive. The nine other artist grantees, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet, were also a tremendous inspiration. Their excitement, drive, heart and creativity have been such a positive influence on the whole experience. I know we will continue to support each other as we’ve shared this special time together for a reason. Thank you to all and special thanks to Danny Olda for his kind generous and thoughtful spirit. And for all his hard work and dedication in making this a pivotal experience for me.

By Christina Bertsos

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