Broken Fevers Breaks Through

My newest book and first non-linked short story collection, Broken Fevers, just launched a month ago. That means readings, promo, and reviews. The good news is I love readings and good conversation so I just try to think of everything in those terms. This also means there is more video of me floating around the web, which is, you know, life. I’ve made my peace with it. If nothing else, it’s fascinating what it actually looks like when one’s face moves. Usually you just feel the expression; once you know what it looks like, there may be a moment of contemplation. For me, anyway.

Besides this cognitive dissonance I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy it quite a bit this time. There was a reading with John Chu and Paul Tremblay (hosted by Greg Bechtel) for the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, an intro to lesbian speculative presentation for the ReadOut Festival, an interview with Bob Devin Jones of Studio@620 and key to the city fame and, of course, the lovely Tombolo Books book launch moderated by Michele T. Berger. And that’s just so far. I look forward to what’s to come.

The publisher has high hopes things will open up in the summer and we can broaden our reach. Discoverability is crucial for an author, and especially indie and hybrid authors like me. I’ll dedicate an entire post to that at some point, but for now, just trust me. If safety allows, I’m game. Like everyone, the pandemic changed all of last year’s travel plans and there were quite a few events I’d like to see return in hybrid or physical forms should it be in everyone’s best interest.

For now though I’ll just keep showing up wherever technology allows and at Tombolo to sign books when it’s time.

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