Bringing It All Together

Bringing It All Together


Thank you for sticking with me as I describe the myriad of inspirational ideas that give direction and ultimately a cohesive meaning to the sculpture that I am creating for Creative Pinellas this summer.

I spoke about the Three Graces and Trees and now I’d like to move into the number of the sculptures, Three, and what that represents. The Three Graces as inspiration is pretty obvious, but the number three also holds strong symbolic meaning and so is significant in context. Below are just a few of the symbols that come to mind and the list could potentially be endless:

  • The Triangle and it’s relation to sacred geometry and cosmology
  • The totality of time as in the past present and future
  • The third eye as our center of intuition
  • The wholeness of man through the body, mind and spirit
  • The Family
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The Three Jewels of Buddhism
  • We and All

The symbolism is so far reaching across many cultures and traditions that I could go on and on so the number three is powerfully symbolic regardless of any particular ideology or belief system. For me in this work the three sculptures represent a unity or a coming together to offer a level of wholeness to the viewer. An equality and a strength held together by being together in a state of Love.

By Christina Bertsos


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