Arts In Podcast – Brandie Dziegiel

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Brandi Dziegiel

Brandie Dziegiel (pronounced “Diesel”) is a young artist embracing the age-old craft of printmaking.

She tells Barbara St. Clair how she chose to get an art degree after serving in the Coast Guard. Brandie shares her passion for the physical craft of cutting away to reveal an image, and how she uses her artwork to process her experiences as a veteran.

Growing up in a military family, Brandie moved around a lot. She talks about returning to Florida’s landscape and how the fragile natural world and Pinellas County’s indigenous heritage finds its way into her work.

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Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley. Executive Producer, Barbara St. Clair.

Brandi Dziegiel – “Islands”, Large scale woodblock prints, 24×36″ ea, 2018
Welcome my son, welcome to the machine

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