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Here is a little background about me and my work along with some images of my most recent paintings and a couple studio shots from over the weekend.

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Angela received her MFA from Maine College of Art, and her BFA from Drake University.  She’s known for her bold and colorful abstract landscape paintings and has shown her work throughout the US in Maine, New York City, Connecticut, Chicago, Iowa, Florida, and St. John, US Virgin Islands.  In 2018 she received a Pollock and Krasner Fellowship to attend Vermont Studio Center artist in residence program.  Angela spent 2017 and 2018 teaching art post hurricane Irma in St. John, US Virgin Islands where she helped people heal through art.  She also co-founded the I Art Love City public mural project in St. John in 2018.  Angela grew up in Maine, and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her little dog Boots.


My work is abstract and inspired by the many organic forms found in nature. Rocks, clouds, leaves, and flowers are some of the subjects I turn toward for inspiration. These forms are recognizable in the work, but I aim to generate a new and abstract space that is inviting, playful, and happy. The end result is an expression and translation of sensations I feel when outside experiencing the landscape.

The work begins when I’m in nature. I’ve lived in Maine and the Caribbean and am heavily influenced by the landscape there. My practice comes from Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, and Luminist American landscape painters. I’ve studied all three movements and am at times reminded of Monet, DeKooning, Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Turner while painting.

The paintings I create are joyful, playful, and full of life. My job as an artist is to give people the opportunity to feel happy and uplifted when viewing the work and hopefully generate a positive outlook.

























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