August 23, 2020 Cypress Swamp Composition

Cypress Swamp Composition
By Joseph Weinzettle

A cypress swamp after heavy rains is one of the more vital Florida ecosystems, visually as well as in productivity for the environment.

My first impression of this site, in ink wash on mulberry paper below:

Cypress Swamp Study_2020_ink wash on mulberry paper

The jumble of ink wash lines and tones is my initial attempt to learn the site. In time, on this site, my eyes will adjust to the information, and my approach in drawing and painting will become more methodical.

Below is my set up at the site. I’ll have to wear another pair of boots to move further in the swamp where the water level is higher.

East Lake swamp en plein air_2020

At this moment, the wetland seems fairly dense visually. The water level, if it increases, will re-shape the site. Cypress are flood tolerant, broadleaf hardwoods are not. Some types of vegetation will die off from the flooding as the cypress flourishes. Sight lines and negative space will appear providing more possibilities for drawing and painting compositions. Art follows the cycles of nature and the health of the environment.

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