August 17. . . Madness, London, Mural Tour scripts

August 17. . . Madness, London, Mural Tour

Paula Kramer and I sit down with the Madness script again, working on our props list. Simple things like bolts of cloth and a watering can, and a bucket. Balloons are crucial to the script, and old-fashioned flying goggles have grown in importance.

Juggling the schedules of 7 actors, 4 dancers, 2 musicians, our director and our choreographer, I finally get a table reading scheduled before the workshop so we can hear the latest draft out loud – which I’m still working on.

Sky Blue Theatre in London contacts me to kindly ask what music I’d like them to play before and after Teatime is onstage, maybe 10-15 seconds. An interesting question, the first time anyone has ever asked that about any play. I consider a few options and dig up Beirut’s painfully hopeful song, “Elephant Gun.”

Matt and I are busy writing mural tour scripts for the St Pete Arts Alliance, still struggling to describe the punch and impact of visual artworks for listeners who may or may not be able to see them.

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