Arts In – John Gascot

Arts In. . .  A Conversation with John Gascot

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Visual artist and creative activist John Gascot talks with Barbara St. Clair about his exploratory series of self portraits, the powerful human rights installation he created during the pandemic, and inventing a Diversity Game to help teach kids that diversity and inclusion matters.

He shares the vibrant work of the Pinellas Park arts community and the start of Pinellas Park’s PRIDE celebration.
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You can find a complete transcript here.

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Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley,
Executive Producer Barbara St. Clair.


A virtual tour of John Gascot’s studio during lockdown

“Pretty Man” – part of John Gascot’s series of self portraits
Pinellas Park Pride parade participants
Pinellas Park Pride parade
The Diversity Game
Playing the Diversity Game
League of Women Voters mural
John Gascot – photo by Laurie Elmer
John Gascot is a recipient of the Pinellas Recovers Grant,
provided by Creative Pinellas through a grant from the
National Endowment of the Arts American Rescue Plan.

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