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Arts In: Helen Hansen French

When Helen Hansen French is onstage, it’s hard to keep your eyes on anybody else.

As a dancer, Helen’s every move is purposeful and thoughtful, but seems utterly spontaneous.

As a choreographer, she’s an expert at visual storytelling and often collaborates with composers, writers and visual artists.

Helen is a St. Pete native with a degree from Julliard, who’s danced around the world. After joining NY’s Buglisi Dance Theatre, performing with Karen Reedy Dance, Nilas Martins’ Dance Company, the Guggenheim Works/Process program and at national and international dance festivals, we’re lucky that she came back to St. Petersburg to live and work and raise a family.

Explore Helen Hansen French’s work during her time as a 2016 Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Fellow, including her Motherhood Project film about balancing an artistic career with motherhood. . . rapidreturns.org/helen-hansen-french.

And her extensive resume. . . rapidreturns.org/helen-hansen-french/2016/5/30/helen-hansen-french

See images from Air-Earth-Fire-Water, the collaborative work she was commissioned to create for the 2018 GASP! Festival with playwright Sheila Cowley. . . sdcowley.com/collaborations/air-earth-fire-water/.

Keep an eye out for Helen’s upcoming performances in St Pete’s SPF Festival, reprising Air-Earth-Fire-Water on the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts on October 25 and performing an original duet with Alex Jones as part of St. Pete Shares the Stage! on October 27.

And don’t miss the amazing Beacon Dance Concert she and dancer Lauren Stone produce each year at The Palladium Theater, coming up in April 2019.

Headshot, and photos of Air-Earth-Fire Water and Beacon duet with Alex Jones, by Tom Kramer.
Photo of Our Trail, by Charlotte Suarez.

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