Arts In Podcast – Dan Granke

Fight director Dan Granke is a master of physical storytelling and a professional expert on violence.

Dan teaches at the University of South Florida and choreographs stage combat for a range of Bay area and Sarasota theatres, and even the St Pete Opera.

He’s also a Shakespeare expert who helped to found the Tampa Shakespeare Festival’s free outdoor performances.

In a conversation full of laughter and surprising details, Dan explains the art of stage violence, the storytelling skills behind it and how to safely make it look like you just stabbed somebody in the neck.

Dan takes us through the final fight scene in Macbeth – and makes Barbara St. Clair’s day when he analyizes the glorious swordplay in The Princess Bride.

Society of American Fight Directors

University of South Florida School of Theatre and Dance

Dan Granke’s theatrical work

Dan Granke’s opera work

Dan’s acting

The Tampa Shakespeare Festival


Arts In is produced by Sheila Cowley.
Executive Producer, Barbara St. Clair for Creative Pinellas.


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