ARTofficial Intelligence: The 6th Annual Robot Exchange


ARTofficial Intelligence: The 6th Annual Robot Exchange




The robots have decided they admired our spirit and decided to spare us for another year or so. In the meantime, here’s a visual recap of some of the fun work and artists who participated in the 6th Annual Robot Exchange. My apologies to the artists I missed and thank you for participating. It was a truly joyous night.

Hive mind!

Meet “JAW-Z” James Oleson new golden cyber girl sculpture.

Impressive female android portrait by Jenipher Chandley‘s “R1” Acrylic on wood.

First time participating artist PT Collins impressive drunk robot sculpture, who also was awarded best in show for sculpture or “3d” in the show.

Voters awarded “Made in China” by Van Der Luc (top) People’s Choice, and (bottom) “Premature system overload” is a fun collaboration by Mark Stevens and Brook Lyn.

Amazing detail by Greg Andrews.

Lorena Hogarth impresses with her monstrous sentinel from the Matrix.

Airbrushed “Robo Robotik” sculpture by Jason Bromley.

“Self Destruct” By Carlos Culbertson a.k.a Zulu Painter.

Pedro Hernandez stole best in show for visual art or “2d” with this robotic “Tesla.” Photo Courtesy of Pedro Hernandez Facebook.

Lassyu got to play an amazing set, my apologies for missing the other acts. I got to catch up with bassist Adam Steadman who seem really excited about their work so far and for a good reason.

A Guy Named Jamie came all the way down from Georgia with their fun robot puppets.

An interesting and very talented crowd at Bar@548.

On the left, visual artist Michael Conway‘s “Utterance of Dreams.” In the middle, Brandy Stark‘s angel sculpture captured my attention. I found out she’s a professor at SPC and a paranormal investigator. To the right, we can see part of Brook Lyn’s “Deep Thought” mixed media on canvas.

Van Der Luc hugs friend Jen Shipley, and all around awesome artist DemiGod sits to the left.

Mark Stevens a.k.a “Aurailieus artist” having a good time to the left of Jason Bromley and Maggie Aaron tallying the votes.

Portrait of Nikki Devereux (right), a local photographer/artist with friend Jaclyn Garvin, who works at HSN.

Jason Bromley and Mark Stevens announce the democratically elected winners.

Von Zombo‘s  awesome “Pickle Rickbot.”

Local photographer/artist Nodz Art aka Kevin Nodland came through to cover the event.


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