Art Supplies and Stuff Part II

There is a colorful free-standing paper mâché sculpture of a rhinoceros about 4’ high and maybe about 8’ long standing on the curbside in front of 2036 Central Ave. St. Petersburg. Have you seen it?

This rhinoceros has occupied that space for many years and stands in front of Davidson Fine Art. It is their signature marking for their custom framing, film processing, public orders for digital projects, printing images up to 38 X 100 inches, and they sell art supplies. Hanging on their walls are iconic images of the Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Prince, and many another vintage Rock and Roll posters from the mid-60s. I step back in time when I enter there …. I’m a 60s lady!
This week or maybe a few weeks ago I stopped in at Davidson to have a linoleum print framed. This is not the first time I have given them my business. I enjoy the camaraderie and uniqueness of the store. They have a quality selection of over 2000 different colored frames, mattes, and the expertise to make the best framing solutions. If you are like me, I can never quite figure out what will look best around my work, but they have the right suggestions. My disclaimer is that…. a sculptor for many years, I never framed my work until I turned printmaker some 5 years ago now all my prints need to be framed and I come to Davidson to have them done.

Today I stopped in to buy a tube of purple acrylic paint and was surprised at their inventory of Golden acrylic paints. I had a lengthy chat with owner Bob, who has been active in the St. Petersburg art scene for years. He told me he gives 20% off the paints and if you buy a paintbrush, you get the next one free! Two for one deal!! Bay Area Art Supply was started for artists who want a quick pick-up of paints, canvases, sketchbooks, or other kinds of art materials. For me, it was a convenient stop for just one tube of paint.

“Next week,” Bob said, “will be their 25th anniversary at this same location.”

They are the only art supply store in downtown St. Pete. No need to travel to Dick Blick in Tampa or Michaels Arts and Crafts.

A St. Pete slogan says, “Buy Local” and that’s my aim; to support the St. Petersburg businesses owned by individuals who live in the Tampa Bay area.

Davidson Fine Art is a kinda cool place and easy parking in front! Congratulations Davidson Fine Art!
Check them out and Buy Local

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