New Space: Angela Warren

Hello, I’m Angela!

Here is my garage art studio! This is a new work space for me, and I’m happy to be settling in. When setting up my studio, I usually start by cleaning and then establishing a work table and an area for my palette. Then I choose a wall area for hanging paper and an area for hanging canvases.

Here is me putting up drywall to hang photos, sketches, and works on paper. To the right is a wooden frame where I’ll hang canvases to work on. To the left is a table which I’ll use to lay the canvas flat while painting. Working on a table top is fairly new for me. I like this process, it changes my perspective and how I experience working with a 2 dimensional surface. The paintings usually end up being less labored over and the process is more forgiving.

My next project is to build two large canvases. It’s a lot cheaper to build large canvases myself, and I have more freedom to choose sizes I can’t get in the store. I plan to purchase a few small and medium canvases and other supplies from Dick Blick. I’m still deciding and planning out the canvas sizes. I paint in both oil and acrylic and currently I have a lot of acrylic paint to use up before I buy more paint. My favorite medium is oil because the colors are so vivid. I buy my oil paint from RGH Artists Oil Paints online. It’s handmade paint made in upstate NY.

It takes a little time to build towards working on a new body of work. I work full time during the week, but I know I can do it! I usually start off by going through my sketchbook and photos to plan out shapes and colors. Premixing my pallet to an extent works really well and keeps the body of work consistent. But I also love to leave room for spontaneity, experimentation, and accidents. I spend a lot of time outside in nature to gain inspiration, I love Fort De Soto Park, and walking around the neighborhood looking at plants.

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