….And That’s A Wrap!


….And that’s a wrap!


It has been a busy two weeks, but I’m finally settled and back home in sunny St. Petersburg! A lot has transpired since my last post!


Last Friday, we wrapped Mountain Movers Theatre Company’s production of Steel Magnolias with a wonderful and energetic audience. What an amazing, challenging, transformative experience. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’m grateful for the opportunity to perform such an emotional character, undergoing an extreme internal and external journey. I thought M’Lynn would be difficult, but every performance night, I seemed to find pathos and strength inherent in this character. Her “emotional outburst” in Act 2 was easily accessible and consistent for me to move through and project. I always manage to cry in that scene, carving out the nuance of such a strong, yet ironically fragile person. I allowed myself to just live in the moment and react to my colleagues. It was magical and I hope to play her again! 

Along with an amazing theatrical experience, I made some wonderful friends with the fine actresses that comprised the fictional characters of Chinquapin Parish! Acting is easy when you have such mature, talented and focused colleagues. We were on a journey together and really got into a groove near the end of the show run! I definitely hope to work with Stephanie, Grace V, Grace N, Jerica, and Chelsea again in the future. Such fine actresses!


On another relevant note, I wanted to share that- in the midst of the busy final week with MOMO- I also attended an audition last Wednesday, May 11th, on our day off. The life of a performing artist is NEVER dull, I must admit.


 I managed to attain an audition with Kentucky Opera in Louisville! KY Opera is a wonderful company and one that I have worked with many times in the past as a young artist. At this point in my career, I’m consciously making the choice to transition into Principal or Mainstage roles. Opera is an interesting medium and contains certain post-graduate levels: Young/Emerging artist and Principal Artists. A young artist participates in a program specifically geared towards up-and-coming singers. It’s a transitional period between school and a professional career. It’s paid and the artist receives “on-the-job” training. In 2015 and 2018, I was a young artist for Kentucky Opera (so there’s a nice connection already). Furthermore, auditions for Young Artist Programs (YAPs) are different from Mainstage auditions, or house auditions. Last week, I had a house audition. The company reserved a time for me to sing. Usually with YAPs, you may only sing one or two songs, but for mainstage auditions, the company may require more material, there’s light conversation and even some coaching. My audition went something like the latter and I had the opportunity to sing three full arias. Overall, I valued the chance to sing IN FRONT of people again. It’s been a while, especially with COVID. I’m always critical with my performances and auditions, but I think it went really well. WE SHALL SEE!


In any case, I’m looking forward NOW to my stint with the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival this June! I’m knee deep in learning music for the opera As One. I’ll give you a peek into what my “opera study” process is next week. It’s a bit different than when I prepare for plays!


All in all, I’m full of inspiration and creativity. I’m blessed to have these opportunities 🙂


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